Tree of Life

Shown here are selected Grade 5, 6, and 7 students who are participating in a new CPR Program through The Heart and Stroke Foundation entitled ‘Tree of Life’.

Our school will have 10 students participate as ‘ambassadors’ who will receive CPR Anytime Kits.  These ambassadors will use the kits to learn the basics of CPR using the DVD, mannequin, book and other accessories contained in the kit.  The kit is designed to teach people of all ages how to perform CPR in approximately 20 minutes.   Our ambassadors will then go on to share their CPR Anytime Kits with 10 other people.  We will have a “Tree of Life” displayed in the school showing how many people our ambassadors have passed the gift of CPR knowledge onto.

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April 13th Hot Lunch Form


Please complete and return the April Hot Lunch form no later than this Friday, April 8th.

Please note on the form you will need to indicate the type of pizza your child(ren) would like as well as if they would like a second slice.  It’s $5 for the meal (1 slice of pizza/caesar salad and dessert) and $2 for each additional slice of pizza! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bateman.